Free Manga Downloader 0.8.0b

<< Download >> or auto update.

For anyone who can’t update via Updater, you can update your FMD manually by downloading this zip fileextract it and overwrite your old FMD files.

In this release:

  • Komikid bug fixed.
  • Mangacan bug fixed.
  • SenManga bug fixed.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes cause the manga loading process to freeze.
  • Fixed some bugs in Favorites module.
  • Fixed Sort by date bug occurs on some PCs.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes cause a race condition while loading multiple mangas at once.
  • Brings Arabic interface back.
  • Added KivManga (English).
  • Added MangasPROJECT (Portuguese), MangaREADER_POR (Portuguese).
  • Added MeinManga (German).
  • Allowed to stop the manga loading process by double-clicking on another manga title.
  • Added Portuguese interface (thanks Benji Raws for his/her works).


  • MangaREADER_POR bug fixed.


  • Fixed a bug in manga loading module.


Please report errors, request new features and new manga sites (non-English sites are welcome !) by commenting here, or via FMD’s tracker.
For English sites, please tell me what’s the difference between them and FMD’s available sites.



22 thoughts on “Free Manga Downloader 0.8.0b

  1. I think there’s a new bug, when i DL manga from fakku, the title turns into the first title in the manga list at the left. For example if i have batoto selected while i download directly from the link in fakku, chapter name will be “aishteru, suo dakedo”, which is the first manga title in batoto. If fakku is selected in the manga list instead, the title will be “$1,000,000 no best order” regardless of which manga i download. The content in the files are still the same though, just a naming problem.

  2. Thank you!! your program save me a lot of time ^_^
    but sometime when i download all or download multiple chapter in 1 task it stop on middle way (Mostly on MangaFox)
    not continue load on next chapter
    and I must check on check box to download on separate task on all chapter
    can you please help add feature download select chapter separate task (1 chapter 1 task)

  3. hello akarink long time no see just wondering..!!
    can you make this soft to download light novels too.. \T_T/
    and as always thanks for the update..

  4. My manga download tasks stop a lot, sometimes I press resume but then it just stop immediately, I had to close and open the program again for it to work normally again.
    Also the program just crash/close for no reason after running for some time (1-2 days).

    • I think the problem is I uncheck the Dialog option Favorites:After checking completed but after checking favorites new chapters are put in queue, that’s why they all Stopped.
      I only found that out after try checking the Dialog for Favorites, there’s a queue button after it finished checking favorites.

  5. Im just downloading this software and I like it. but getting error when updating the manga list from the server (solution : delete manualy my old manga list), the second i dont understand what the usage of checkbox “Add to Favourites” in manga info ? and how to add new manga that not in the list into Favourites ? (i can download using manga info url but how to add into my Favourites)

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