About donation …

Update (1/12/14):
After some discussion we came to the conclusion that users from Indonesia who want to donate can follow instructions from this thread as an alternative way to donate to the project.

Original post:
Recently I’ve received an email from an user questioning me about somebody (definitely not me – Akarin-K) is asking for donations on some forums without letting me know, so I think this is a good chance for me to make things clear:

  • The Free Manga Downloader project is run by volunteers. We do not ask money for using Free Manga Downloader, and contribute financially is only an optional option. There are many ways to contribute to the project, such as translating the software interface, bug hunting, or become a contributor/developer.
  • The project will survive, even without any form of donations: As we use sourceforge for hosting all of our stuff (releases, updates, manga lists, bug tracker) and this blog for announcing new releases, no expense has been spent on the file hosting/web space.
  • If you really want to donate, please click on the Donate menu and follow the link. This way we can make sure your money will go to the right people.

You may ask me: How could you live without any donation ?

The answer is simple: As I mentioned above, we are a group of volunteers so we only consider Free Manga Downloader as a spare-time project for an alternative way to read manga without having to visit online manga readers, and most of us are salaryman so we can make money without having to depend on this project.




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