Free Manga Downloader 0.7.3b

<< Download >> or auto update.

For anyone who can’t update via Updater, you can update your FMD manually by downloading this zip fileextract it and overwrite your old FMD files.

In this release:

  • Fixed bug causing compressed file was put in the wrong folder.
  • Fixed bug that sometimes the software leaves blank folders after converting images to zip/cbz/pdf.
  • Fixed a bug relate to UTF-8 BOM encode (This is the reason why we cannot download any manga from Arabic/French/Vietnamese sites) .
  • CentralDeMangas, Pururin bugs fixed.
  • Added Mangacan (Indonesian).
  • Favorites now supports multi-threading.
  • Allowed to download non-English chapter from Batoto (go to Options -> Misc -> [Batoto] Show chapter from all languages).


  • Batoto bug fixed.


Please report errors, request new features and new manga sites (non-English sites are welcome !) by commenting here, or via FMD’s tracker.
For English sites, please tell me what’s the difference between them and FMD’s available sites.



72 thoughts on “Free Manga Downloader 0.7.3b

    • i think it’s a no…
      why would you want komikbaru? their list is the exact same as komikid and pecintamanga’s have, you can swith to them

  1. so ummm… even after i download the latest release, i can’t download from raw.senmanga, can it be fixed?
    fellow indonesian here..

    • It maybe because from the site you are downloading the manga does not have the pages like for this one The world god only knows (Mangafox) last chapter 268 page 28 does not have anything and it is shown as a text file

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