Free Manga Downloader 0.5.0b

Slow Development Speed:

Hi everyone, recently the development speed of FMD has decreased dramatically. The reason is I am working on a new project now so I don’t have much free time for FMD. Anyway hope you will enjoy this release ;).

<< Download >> or auto update.

In this release:

  • Added HugeManga (Indonesian) & PecintaKomik (Indonesian).
  • Type-Search feature (based on C0RPS3’s suggestions).
  • Custom Folder Renaming feature (in Options > Save to):
  • FMD’s old Search feature and Folder Renaming feature were marked as deprecated.


Please report errors, request new features and new manga sites (non-English sites are welcome !) by commenting here.
For English sites, please tell me what’s the difference between them and FMD’s available sites.



10 thoughts on “Free Manga Downloader 0.5.0b

  1. I know you said “slow development speed” but I just asked for the renaming feature yesterday and now it’s here! That was quick! You can have all my thanks!

  2. Well, i hope it’s just happen to me.
    Lately i got crashed with “List Index (1155) out of bounds”
    what should i do?

    • Hi. It seems there is a corrupted manga list. You should try to redownload all lists by selecting “Download all manga lists from the server at once”.

      If you can’t run the program because of this error, go to FMD folder -> Data folder, delete all files in there. Then open the program and redownload all manga lists.

  3. Hi! I think that it’s just happening to me… Today I discovered this app, it’s nice, buy I can’t download any manga or update the site’s lists. The update only works with AnimeA, but when it wants to update some other manga site, the “Updater” freeze and then doesn’t work.
    This is the info of the problem:
    Problem Event Name: AppHangB1
    Application Name: updater.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 00000000
    Hang Signature: e8b4
    Hang Type: 262144
    OS Version: 6.1.7601.
    So, what should I do?
    Sorry for my English, I’m from Argentina, and English is not my language…

      • Ah! Ok! By the way, I’m using the 0.3.2b Version, the lists and the mangas downloaded perfectly (but no from Batoto). So I downloaded and applyed the revision 109 but it didn’t work…
        I will wait and then try it again. Thanks for the answer.

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