Free Manga Downloader 0.3.2b

<< Download >> or auto update.

In this release:

  • Minor bugs fixed.
  • Added Blogtruyen (Vietnamese), MangaFrame (Turkish), Starkana (English)
  • Number of retry times if tasks have download problems now worked. This feature is essential for sites like Blogtruyen, which is known for having lots of broken pages/chapters. You can adjust the retry times value so Free Manga Downloader can skip broken pages/chapters.


Please report errors, request new features and new manga sites (non-English sites are welcome !) by commenting here.



2 thoughts on “Free Manga Downloader 0.3.2b

  1. This is just version 0.3 beta,how many update do you intend to have until reaching the finish product?
    As always thanks for your work akarink.

    • There’s no final version of FMD, at least for the next few years (except I could not continue due to unavoidable reasons and nobody wants to continue/fork off the project).
      FMD will stay in beta state until it reaches version 1.0.

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