How to use filter feature in Free Manga Downloader

Step 1: Switch to Filter tab.

Step 2: Choose filter conditions, then click the Filter button.filterfeature2

Result: You will only see the manga that fit the conditions. You can remove filter by clicking the Remove filter button, or the circle arrow button on the upper left corner of the software.

– FMD do filter based on the current manga list on the left side, than means you can perform multiple filters. For example you want to search for manga that have schoolgirl and ghost in the description, first you do filter with the word schoolgirl, then you repeat the process with the word ghost.

– Some manga sites, like MangaEden, are multilingual. For these sites if you want to search for manga in a certain language, you can type the language in the Custom Genres editbox (for example: Italian).

– In Custom Genres, you can use comma (,) to separate the genres, and exclamation mark (!) to tell the filter not to include mangas with that genre in the list. For example: English, Comedy, !Ecchi, Oneshot

– Search in all manga sites allows you to search in all sites available in your site list. Note that this option is slow and memory consuming so you should go to “Options > Manga sites” to disable unneccesary sites before doing filter.



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