Free Manga Downloader 0.3.0b

<< Download >> or auto update.

In this release:

  • Minor bug fixed.
  • OurManga was removed from the list because the server was down for quite some time.
  • Added EatManga (English).
  • Now your manga list will not be reset after each update.
  • Favorites now supported for MangaStream.
  • New feature: Download/update all manga list at once.updateall1
  • Added “update” tab and some new features (see screenshot): updatefeatures1


Please report errors, request new features and new manga sites (non-English sites are welcome !) by commenting here.



3 thoughts on “Free Manga Downloader 0.3.0b

  1. Batoto’s still a 50/50 working chance. And if it does work, it’s bit slow.

    Just a suggestion: Can you make the “Search…” line in the box go away whenever I click on it ? I could erase it myself, but it’s kind of a standard almost everywhere else.

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