Free Manga Downloader 0.2.3b

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In this release:

  • Proxy bug fixed.
  • Added MangaEden (English – Italian) and PervEden (H-site).
  • From now on you can add to favorites or download many manga at once 🙂 Here is a screenshot:



Please report errors, request new features and new manga sites (non-English sites are welcome !) by commenting here.



8 thoughts on “Free Manga Downloader 0.2.3b

  1. Suggestion: In the “Option”->”Save to”->”Choose default download path”, having a “browse” button would be very nice.

    Error: Choose “Open folder” from the right click menu when a download completed led not to the downloaded folder, but the “[User]\My Document” folder instead.

    Site:can you please add to the manga site available ?

    The software is a little bit unstable if the internet connection is slow, but that could be because of my part so I can’t say for sure. Will feedback later when our dorm’s ADSL is connected.

    • – I will consider about it, thanks!

      – About “Open Folder” problem: The software makes use of Free Pascal’s Runtime Library, which isnt unicode-friendly. So Open Folder will mess up if the path contains non-English characters. I will do some research later.

      • I left the default download folder as it is (C:\download), so I think non-English characters aren’t the problem.

        Also, since the filters kind of “stack” on themselves, how about a button that shows what filters have been applied to the list so it’s easier to modify a specific one or arrange the filters in different ways ?

        • – How about the title of the manga ? For example “C:/Download/Đôrêmon” ? Cuz I dont have any problem with non-unicode path.

          – I dont think that button would be useful. Because if you want to setup a completely different filter, you can simply reset the manga list to its original state.

  2. Thanks a lot for making this project… i dumped domdomsoft hehe…
    Suggestion: it would be nice to update all the manga sites with one click of a button..or auto update them once the program ‘s starts…of course an option to disable/enable the feature… and one more thing, FMD auto closes itself when theres no internet connection(so i had to re-open it) ..other than that it’s pure awesomeness!more power to you and your new blogsite!

    • Thanks. I will add that feature to my to-do list.

      hm strange, I dont experience that error. Basically if there’s no internet connection, FMD will try to reconnect until successful.

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